Council Strategies and Plans

Action Plans

Reconciliation Action Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Planning, Environment and Biosecurity

Weeds Local Management Plan 2019(PDF, 4MB)
Yass Gorge Plan of Management 2017-2027(PDF, 4MB)
Climate Change Action Plan(PDF, 2MB)
OSSMS Strategy - Yass Valley Council(PDF, 998KB)
(PDF, 2MB)Yass Valley (PDF, 2MB)Local Strategic Planning Strategy

Recreational Strategies 

2017 Park and Playground Strategy(PDF, 4MB)
2017 Walker Park Strategic Plan(PDF, 1MB)
2021 Strategic Plan Murrumbateman Recreation Grounds(PDF, 4MB)

Village and street Masterplans

Sutton Master Plan(PDF, 1MB)
Gundaroo Masterplan(PDF, 2MB)
2014 Main Street Strategy(PDF, 1MB)
NSW Endorsement 2019 Settlement Strategy(PDF, 11MB)

Asset Management Strategies

Parks and Recreation(PDF, 467KB)
Stormwater Drainage(PDF, 2MB)
Swimming Pools Caravan Parks(PDF, 433KB)
Transport(PDF, 2MB)
2022-23 Asset Management Strategy(PDF, 540KB)
Buildings(PDF, 471KB)

Water and Wastewater

Yass Valley Water Source Strategy(PDF, 453KB)
Water Supply Strategy(PDF, 12MB)

Tourism and Economic Development

DSNSW Destination Action Plan(PDF, 5MB)
DSNSW Tablelands Destination Development Plan(PDF, 7MB)
Southern Tablelands REDS 2023(PDF, 6MB)
CREDS Canberra Region Economic Development Strategy 2022(PDF, 8MB)

Council and Community

2017-2027 Bike Plan and Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan(PDF, 9MB)
2017 Digital Yass Valley Smart Region Strategy(PDF, 4MB)
Community Engagement Strategy(PDF, 319KB)
Rye Park Wind Farm Community Enhancement Fund Agreement(PDF, 2MB)
YVC Federal and State Government Support Priorities(PDF, 390KB)