Yass Valley Animal Shelter


The Yass Valley Animal Shelter is run by Yass Valley Council and is located in between Council's Depot (1418 Yass Valley Way, Yass) and Yass Community Centre (1428 Yass Valley Way, Yass).

If you have picked up a roaming dog during business hours, please contact Customer Service on 6226 1477 and they will organise for the Ranger or another staff member to meet you at the shelter.

For any strays found after hours, please contact the on call Duty Officer on 6226 1477 (press 1 to be diverted), they will meet you at the shelter to unlock the receiving pens.

If your dog is at the shelter, you can only collect them during office hours and once all fees are paid in full.

If your animal is impounded, you as the owner, will be responsible for paying the fees for the length of time they are kept at the facility. For updated fees and charges, please contact the Council Customer Service team on 6266 1477.

The Yass Valley Animal Shelter is also on Facebook! Visit the page for lost and found pets and animals that are up for adoption.