LEP Amendments

Current Yass Valley Planning Proposals

Property Description Status
16-18 Cusack Place, Yass
  • Public hearing to be held
63 Discovery Drive, Yass


You can view documents and track progress of Planning Proposals on the NSW Planning Proposals Online website.

Lodging a planning proposal

If you are seeking a change in the zoning of your property or wish to undertake development that is prohibited within the zone, a ‘Planning Proposal’ will be required to be prepared for your property.

A preliminary meeting must be held with Council's Strategic Land Use Planners prior to lodgement, to ascertain whether the Planning Proposal is likely to be supported by Council and the Department of Planning & Environment.

Any Planning Proposal submitted to Council is required to be prepared in accordance with its requirements. More information can be found here.

It must be accompanied by a completed Form 149 - Planning Proposal Application.

Should Council resolve to formally support a Planning Proposal, it will then be forwarded to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, who will determine whether the Proposal has sufficient merit to proceed. This part of the process is called "The Gateway".