About Councils Corporate and Community Division


Councils Corporate and Community Division is led by Director, Lynette Safranek. 
The division is made up of nine key departments:

  • Finance and Accounting - manage our organisation in a financially sustainable way. 
  • Information Technology - providing advice and technology to staff, allowing them to deliver a more efficient and effective service to our community. 
  • Customer Service - meeting the frontline needs of our community, enabling a streamlined process of doing business with Council.
  • Organisational Development - managing councils recruitment and the personnel requirements of over 150 staff that deliver services to the community.
  • Governance - providing support to Senior Management and Councillors, facilitating good governance and implementation of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework.
  • Media and Communications - communicating council news and projects and engaging the community
  • Library Services - Providing a broad range of resources and activities to connect the community
  • Tourism - Promoting the Yass Valley as an ideal place to visit, work and live
  • Economic and Community Development - working with key industry sectors and community groups to promote the Yass Valley and boost our economy