Doing Business with Council

Council values its relationship with suppliers, but has a responsibility to ensure that all transactions are entered into ensuring impartiality and fairness and offering the best possible value for money. For that reason, Council is providing a suite of current policies and procedures relevant to ‘Doing Business with Council’.

Please read the Yass Valley Council’s GOV-POL-5 Statement of Business Ethics, which sets out the ethical ground rules for conducting business with Council. You are urged to ensure that all relevant people within your organisation read and understand this document.

Please also see the Yass Valley Council’s FM-POL-1 Procurement Policy which documents the guiding principles for Council and its employees in the procurement of goods and services.

Invoicing and Payments

Payment Terms
Yass Valley Council standard terms of payment are up to 30 days from the receipt of a correctly presented tax invoice to the Finance Section.

Individual Council officers do not have the authority to make or guarantee the date on which a payment will be processed. If you require confirmation of a payment date, please contact the Finance Section directly.

Tax Invoices
The Purchase Order number must be shown on all tax invoices. Please obtain a valid YVC order number from the requisitioning officer. The Purchase Order number is the key to all processes associated with paying accounts on time and must be quoted to ensure prompt payment

NB: If an order number is not provided further delays to payment will occur and invoices will be returned to the supplier to obtain an order number.

Tax Invoice requirements and examples can be found here.

YVC Credit Card purchases
Where items are purchased using a Council credit card, the invoice relating to the purchase must be endorsed as paid by corporate credit card and be posted, emailed or faxed to Council within 48 hours. In addition, the name of the Council officer shown on the credit card must be displayed on the invoice/receipt.

Not Quoting an ABN
In accordance with the Australian Tax Office, Council requires all suppliers who do not have an ABN (or do not quote their ABN) to complete a ‘Statement by Supplier’ declaration form and attach it with every invoice submitted. This form can be found here.

Submitting Invoices
To assist Yass Valley Council to meet your payment terms we request that all suppliers comply with our invoicing requirements. Failure to meet any of the below will result in delayed payment

  • All tax invoices are to be emailed to - this is a group email and will ensure your invoice is registered and processed in our system for prompt payment
  • Purchase Order number must be shown on all tax invoices
  • Invoices are to be sent in PDF format
  • Each e-mail attachment is considered to be a separate invoice. Please do not send multiple invoices in one e-mail attachment as this may delay payment

If tax invoices are delivered with goods, handed to Council officers or submitted in any other way, there can be no guarantee that they will reach the Finance Section. This may result in delayed payment of your account.

Change of Details
Should there be changes to any of your details please email these changes to

Banking details
Please ensure YVC has your correct banking details. If they have changed please ensure you notify YVC of the change. Please note that payments by cheque will cease from 1 April 2020

Please ensure Council has a valid email address for your remittances to be sent to when payment has been made

Please send all statements to 
This notification is to ensure YVC suppliers are paid as efficiently as possible in line with Government Payment terms Policies.

In addition to the information detailed in the above documents, we would draw your attention to the following policy requirements.

  • GOV-POL-21 Gifts and Benefits - Council policy prohibits the acceptance of any gift or benefit by a Council employee where it could be, or may be seen to be, a means of influence that can compromise, or appear to compromise, that employee’s decision making, integrity and impartiality. Suppliers to Council should not offer any gifts or benefits to Council employees.