Heritage Minor Works

If you own a property that is a heritage item or within a heritage conservation area, there are minor works that you can undertake without needing formal development consent from Council.

State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes - SEPP) 2008 identifies types of development that are of minimal environmental impact that may be carried out without the need for development consent. A number of sections within the SEPP exclude development from being “Exempt” because the site contains a heritage item or is located within a heritage conservation area.

Council will still consider these minor works to a heritage item or within a conservation area if advised in writing (either using Form 23 - Application for minor works to a heritage item or via email) prior to the commencement of any work. No fee is payable.

The works must be considered to be:

  • Works of a minor nature; and
  • Would not adversely affect the significance of a heritage item or heritage conservation area.

Persons intending to undertake minor works are encouraged to seek preliminary advice from Council’s Heritage Advisor or Development Planners prior to requesting consideration of minor works.

In the event that an application for minor works is refused, the applicant is able to submit a formal Development Application to Council.