Off leash locations

The NSW Companion Animals Act 1998 Section 13 states a dog must be under the effective control of some competent person by means of an adequate chain, cord or leash that is attached to the dog and that is being held by (or secured to) the person.

There is no exception to this rule for 'well trained dogs'. If you are exercising your dog in a public place that is not a designated off-leash area, you must have your dog on a lead and that lead must be in your hand or secured to your person.

The following rules apply while in a designated off-leash area, (these areas are patrolled and penalties apply for non-compliance):

  • Dog owners must have a leash with them at all times
  • All dogs are to be accompanied and supervised
  • All dogs in the area must be able to be controlled without a leash i.e. under effective control. This means the dog will come back to its handler if called
  • Dogs that are declared dangerous, menacing or restricted by Council (such as aggressive and restricted breeds identified by the NSW Companion Animals Regulation 2018) are not allowed to use any designated off-leash area
  • Dog owners/controllers must remove and responsibly dispose of all dog faeces that may be deposited by the dog under their control
  • Dogs must be 'on-leash' at all times in public areas outside designated off-leash and dog prohibited areas

The following areas are approved dog off-leash exercise areas across Yass Valley:

  • The triangle below the 18th hole at lower Walker Park.
  • Underneath the railway bridge below Joe O'Connor Park at the riverbank, Yass.
  • Bowning Recreation Ground.
  • Binalong Recreation Ground.
  • Nirta Drive Common, Murrumbateman.
  • Murrumbateman Recreation Area, in the equestrian cross country area. Dog owners must control their dogs when horses are present

Areas that are NOT off-leash areas:

  • Any area of public land that is not mentioned above.
  • Riverbank Park precinct, including the footpath/walking areas.
  • All playgrounds.
  • Sportsfields are NOT off-leash areas with the exception of Bowning and Binalong recreation grounds.
  • Dog waste MUST be collected.

Yass Dog Park

The fenced Yass Dog Park is located on Laidlaw Street, next to Yass Olympic Swimming Pool and Skate Park and opposite Yass Primary School. The Yass Dog Park is divided into three separate zones, to accommodate all dogs:

  • Active Zone - Boisterous, energetic, confident dogs who enjoy a romp and play.
  • Quiet Zone – Quiet, less energetic dogs, who don’t like rough play but who like making new friends. Very small dogs.
  • Come and Try Zone - First timers, recall training, nervous or timid, dogs who need time to “settle in” to the park.

Yass Dog Park Friends is an active Facebook group, for dog owners.