Rural dwelling entitlements

Not all rural lots carry an entitlement to erect a dwelling house. Dwelling entitlements are dependent upon the land zoning, the area of the lot or date of subdivision approval. Council cannot always provide Dwelling Entitlement advice verbally - especially lots which have an area less than the minimum specified in the Yass Valley Local Environmental Plan 2013 (LEP).

In some circumstances a Dwelling Entitlement search is based on the previous Local Environmental Plan, which applied immediately prior to the Yass Valley LEP 2013, in order to determine whether a dwelling house can be erected on a lot. To carry out a dwelling entitlement search please complete Form 24 Dwelling Entitlement Enquiry, submitting this to Council with the applicable fee.

Please note that dwelling entitlement advice does not constitute development approval. Development consent must still be obtained for the erection of a dwelling house in accordance with the applicable legislation.