Voluntary Planning Agreement Contributions


A Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) is an agreement entered into by a planning authority and a developer when a developer needs to:

  • dedicate land
  • pay a monetary contribution; or
  • provide any other material benefit for a public purpose.

The Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021 requires that Council maintain a planning agreement register for public inspection. The register must include:

  • the day on which the agreement was entered into,
  • the names of the parties to the agreement,
  • a description of the development to which the agreement relates, if relevant,
  • the land to which the agreement applies.

Date PA was entered into

PA Parties

Development Description

Land to which the PA applies

Link to PA

Explanatory note

24 May 2017

Yass Valley Council & Yass Vine Church

Development of the Yass Vine Church

Lot 1 DP 1096709 11472 Wee Jasper Road Yass



21 December 2016

Yass Valley Council & Abode Hotel (Motel), The Apartment Hotel Murrumbateman Pty Ltd

Development of a 50 unit hotel, rainwater tank and associated infrastructure

57 Rose Street, Murrumbateman Lot 29 DP 1212099



28 June 2017

Yass Valley Council & CRK Holdings Pty Ltd

Development of a 5 lot subdivision with associated water, sewer and stormwater drainage facilities

62 Cobham Street Yass, Lot 1 DP 1231479



21 December 2016

Yass Valley Council & Yass Industrial Park Pty Ltd

Development of 18 lots over two stages, consisting of 16 industrial lots, 1 residual lot, installation of sewer pump station, roads and associated infrastructure

Lot 1 DP 842644 Yass Valley Way, Yass



28June 2017

Yass Valley Council & Rossi Yass Pty Ltd

Development of a residential subdivision

134 Rossi Street, Yass Lot 1 DP 1194780



28 June 2018

Yass Valley Council & Bango Wind Farm Pty Ltd & DWF Nominees Pty Ltd

Bango Wind Farm

Refer to Appendix 1 of Development Consent SSD 6686



3 August 2015

Yass Valley Council & SELX Pty Ltd

Regional Livestock Selling Centre (SELX)

1652 Yass Valley Way Yass Lot 2 DP1169723



16 December 2020

Yass Valley Council & Rye Park Renewable Energy Pty Ltd

Rye Park Windfarm

Refer to Appendix 1 of Development Consent SSD 6693



Not yet finalised – Council signed 19 November 2019

Yass Valley Council & Coppabella Wind Farm Pty Ltd

Coppabella Windfarm

Refer to Appendix 1 of Development Consent SSD 6698



Not yet finalised – Up to Draft Version 3

Yass Valley Council & RES Australia Pty Ltd

Springdale Solar Farm

Refer to Appendix 2 of Development Consent SSD 8703



24 June 2022

Yass Valley Council & Next Level 18 Pty Ltd

Development of a 101 lot residential subdivision, pathways, landscaping

Isabel Drive, Murrumbateman Lot 1 DP 1270071



19 May 2022

Yass Valley Council & Timothy Hill

2 lot subdivision

927 Marked Tree Road, Gundaroo Lot 1 DP 717073


Schedule 2 within Agreement

24 November 2022

Yass Valley Council & CVC Projects

Development of a 58 lot subdivision, including an Open Space Lot and a Future Development Lot. Widening and upgrading of Grand Junction Road and Burrai Place. Construction of new road and associated infrastructure.

3 Burrai Place Yass, Lot 1 DP 1185454