Development Control Plans & Council's Planning Policies

Development Control Plans (DCPs) are prepared in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and provide further guidance to support the Yass Valley LEP 2013. A number of planning related Council Policies created under the Local Government Act 1993 may also prescribe controls relevant to your development.

The draft Comprehensive Yass Valley Development Control Plan (YVDCP) 2017 is currently being finalised. The existing DCP’s below should continue to be used as development guides until such time as the YVDCP 2017 comes into effect


Binalong 2(v) DCP

Bowning 2(v) DCP


Gunning Development and Construction Policy (Part 1)

Gunning Development and Construction Policy (Part 2)

Gunning Development and Construction Policy (Part 3)

Murrumbateman 2(v) DCP

Yarrowlumla Outdoor Advertising DCP

Yarrowlumla Rural and Residential Zones DCP

Yarrowlumla 2(v) Zone DCP

Yarrowlumla 7(e) Environmental Protection Zone

Yass Exempt and Complying DCP

Yass Shire Council Community Consultation DCP

Yass Shire Council Multi Unit Residential Development DCP 2003

Council's Planning Policies

Below is a list of Council's Planning Policies with under the Local Government Act 1993 may also prescribe controls relevant to your development. All Council Policies are located HERE.

Development Assessment & Control

  • DA-OP-1 Access to Property Files
  • Truck & Transport Depots in Rural Areas
  • DA-POL-1 Tourism Signs
  • DA-POL-2 Buildings - Temporary Accommodation
  • DA-POL-3 Holiday Cabins - Micalong Creek Subdivision
  • DA-POL-4 Building Line - Urban
  • DA-POL-6 Refunding of Development Application Fee
  • DA-POL-7 Second Hand Transportable Dwellings
  • DA-POL-8 Building Line - Rural and Rural Residential Land
  • RD-POL-9 Road Standards
  • DA-POL-12 Non Urban Fencing
  • DA-POL-17 Provision of Power Supply and Telephone Services in Rural Subdivisions
  • DA-POL-18 Development Assessment and Decision Making
  • DA-POL-19 Consolidation of Lots
  • DA-POL-20 Community Enhancement Fund
  • DA-POL-21 Water and Sewer Contributions Non-Residential Murrumbateman

Asset Support Services

  • Off-Street Car Parking

Waste Water

  • Sewer Mains Buildings


  • Water Supply for Rural
  • Areas and Villages


  • Property Vehicular Access
  • Road Standards Policy