Planning Proposals

Lodging a Planning Proposal

If you are seeking a change in the zoning of your property or wish to undertake development that is prohibited within the zone, a ‘Planning Proposal’ will be required to be prepared for your property.

A Yass Valley procedure on Planning Proposals has been prepared to outline the requirements for the submission of a Planning Proposal to Yass Valley Council.

A preliminary meeting must be held with Council's Strategic Land Use Planners prior to lodgement, with a completed Planning Proposal Application (Planning - Form 149). Please phone 6226 1477 to arrange an appointment.

SEP-OP-3 – Planning Proposals Procedure

Any Planning Proposal is required to be prepared in accordance with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment's Guide to Preparing LEP’s and Guide to Preparing Planning Proposals 

Should Council resolve to support a Planning Proposal, it will then be forwarded to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, who will determine whether the Proposal has sufficient merit to proceed. This is called "The Gateway".

Current Planning Proposals

  • Gateway Determination issued by DP&E 16.4. 2015
  • Amended Planning Proposal received by YVC 29.5.2017
  • Council resolved to forward the revised Planning Proposal to Department of Planning & Environment at its meeting of 25.10.2017
‘Coolawin’ Gundaroo (draft)
  • Consideration deferred by Council 26.10.16 pending completion of options/feasibility report for a Gundaroo Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • Gundaroo Sewerage Scheme Draft Options Study on exhibition until 17.11.2017
‘Highway Service Centre’ Bowning
  • Council resolved to request a Gateway Determination 24.05.2017
  • Gateway Determination issued by the Department of Planning & Environment 12.07.2017
  • Public Exhibition of Planning Proposal concluded on 04.09.2017

You can view documents and track progress of Planning Proposals on NSW Department of Planning & Environment’s LEP Tracker