Form No. 31 - Waste Disposal Fees Account Customer Request

Form No. 32 - Application for Exemption from Water Restrictions

Form No. 33 - Application for Water Service

Form No. 35 - Application for Works in a Council Road Reserve

Form No. 36 - Application for Cardboard Collection

Form No. 37 - Application for Business Waste Collection

Form No 37(a) - Application for Skip Bin Collection

Form No. 52(b) - Yass Valley Swimming Lessons Application 2017-2018

Form No: 56 - Application for a New or Replacement Bin Service

Form No. 64 - Pedestrian Safety Reporting Form

Form No. 67- Application to Erect Cemetery Monuments

Form No.82 - Application for Pressure Reducing Valve


Form No. 1 - Development Application and Construction Certificate

Form No. 2 - Application for a Planning Certificate

Form No. 3 - Complying Development Application Form

Form No.4 - Application to Remove or Prune a Tree

Form No. 5 - Application to Install/Operate an OSSM Facility

Form No. 7 - Application for Building Information Certificate

Form No. 8 - Application for Sewer Diagrams

Form No. 9 - Application for GIS/Deposited Plan Map

Form No.10 -Modification of Development Consent

Form No.12- Application for Outstanding Notices Certificate

Form No.13- Review of Determination Form

Form No.14 - Application for Section 68 (Approval to Carry out an Activity)

Form No.15 - Surrender of a Development Consent

Form No.16 - Dead, Dying or Dangerous Tree

Form No. 20 - Application for Skin Penetration Activity 

Form No. 23 - Application for Minor Works to a Heritage Item

Form No. 24- Dwelling Entitlement Enquiry

Form No. 27 - Annual Fire Statement

Form No.131- Notice to Council of Intention to Commence work

Form No 146 - 2018/19 Community Grants Program Application Form

Form No. 149 - Planning Proposal Application

Form No. 150 - Application for a Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate

Form No. 167 - Informal request to view a property file

Form No. 187- Food Business and/or Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) Notification

Form No. 201- Donations Application Form

Form No. 205 - Animal Surrender Form

Form No.206 - Application for a Subdivision Certificate


Form No.72  Section 603 Application& Special Water Meter Reading

Form No.75  Notification of  Change of Address

Form No.78  Direct Debit Request

Form No.205 Pensioner Concession Application

                     Pensioner Concession Fact Sheet

Direct Debit Service Agreement

                      Statement by a Supplier

Form No.90  Hardship Rate Relief Application


Form No. 100 Major Event Marketing Program Application Form

Form No. 153 Application to Work with Council as a Volunteer

Council Advisory Committee Nomination Form (pdf)



Form No. 73 Informal Access Request

Form No. 74 Formal Access Request