Time to take care of long grass and over grown vegetation

With the late spring rainfall being welcomed across the region and temperatures starting to increase long grass and overgrown vegetation is going to be an ever present issue over the coming months.

Vets across Yass Valley have also experienced an enormous spike in snake bite and grass seed infection, with reports from one vet that they are treating up to 10 dogs/cats per day. 

To help mitigate this issue Council is requesting all property owners, especially owners of blocks considered to be vacant, to be respectful of their neighbours and understand the importance of preventing the build-up of long grass and vegetation. Grass and vegetation kept short reduces a potential fire hazard and eliminates shelter for vermin and/or snakes. Please note failure to maintain a property could result in Council taking enforcement action??

If your block is still vacant Council requests that you start taking steps to ensure there is no overgrown vegetation or stored materials that may present a hazard for you or your neighbours.

If you have any further queries in relation to the above matter please do not hesitate to contact Yass Valley Council’s Environmental Services Division on 6226 1477. 

Further information on fire protection measures for your property can be found on the NSW Rural Fire Service website: www.rfs.nsw.gov.au