Water Supply

Yass Valley currentlyowns and operates two separate water supplies – Yass water supply which services the town of Yass and villages of Bowning and Binalong, and the Murrumbateman water supply which services the village of Murrumbateman.

Yass Water Supply

Yass water supply sources water from Yass Dam which was constructed in 1927 with a capacity of 1,125ML. The Dam wall was raised 3m in 2013 at a cost of $22M which increased the Dam’s capacity to 2,460ML, increasing the service capacity from 7,500 people to 15,000 people.
The villages of Bowning and Binalong were connected to the Yass water supply in 1989. Prior to this date, Bowning did not have a treated water supply and Binalong was supplied via an old railway reticulation system sourced from Illalong Dam.
The first water treatment facility was constructed in 1938 and was upgraded with a modern, automated high capacity treatment facility in 1990. This facility includes a dissolved air floatation (DAF) system of treatment together with rapid gravity sand filtration. This Plant was designed to treat 13 ML per day. This treatment plant presently services approximately 7,500 people residing in Yass town and the villages of Bowning and Binalong.

Murrumbateman Water Supply

Murrumbateman village is currently serviced by three groundwater bores, with a chlorine dosing system installed in 2016: 
  1. The first is a 30m shallow bore which was constructed in 1984 and was the only water supply source until 2008. 
  2. The second bore was drilled to a depth of 100m in 2007 with a bore pump installed in 2008.  
  3. A third bore was drilled for the Fairley Estate Development by the Developer to a depth of a 130m and commissioned in December 2016.

Improvements to water quality
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