Traffic Counts

Yass Valley Council, as part of its Asset Management Program, conducts traffic counts around the Yass Valley LGA on a fortnightly basis.

Council currently owns 9 traffic classifiers and 4 traffic counters which are strategically and routinely placed around the road network. Traffic Classifiers are used to count and classify types of vehicles that use Council's Road Network. The Traffic Classifiers are made up of a roadside unit component and two rubber tubes which are evenly spaced across the road pavement. The Classifiers provide Council with relevant data relating to the specific section of road where they have been installed. This data includes:

  • The total number of vehicles;
  • The type of vehicles;
  • Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) ;
  • Percentage of heavy vehicles;
  • Vehicle Speeds;

 This data is then reviewed by Council and used for the following: 

  • Provide Council with data relating to the traffic volumes of individual roads and streets;
  • Assist with the development of operational and capital works programs;
  • Data input for the preparation of bitumen seal designs;
  • Data input for the preparation of pavement designs;
  • Identifying issues associated with speeding and heavy vehicles;

The Yass Valley Council Traffic Counter Document displays the most up to date traffic counts that have been undertaken by Council. The following information is provided: 

  • Road/Street Name and Segment
  • Description of the Site/Location of the Counts
  • Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)
  • % Heavy Vehicles (vehicles greater than 4.5 tonnes)
  • Date of Count

As you will notice, some counts do not provide a percentage of heavy vehicles. This is most seen on the rural unsealed roads where traffic classifiers are not suitable due to the uneven road surface. In these circumstances, a single traffic counter is used which only records the AADT of that particular section of road. Further information regarding traffic counts can be obtained by contacting Council's Operations Department on (02) 6226 9248.