Mayor and Councillors

The Yass Valley Council consists of nine elected members. These members are elected for a four year term. The Mayor is elected every two years by the Council.

Council meets under the Chairmanship of the Mayor and Senior Staff led by the General Manager and his Directors. Regular meetings of Council and Committee meetings involving Councillors, Staff and often members of the community provide guidance to Councillors in the carrying out of their responsibilities so that Council reflects the will of the people of Yass Valley.

Event Invitations:

Please ensure you email when sending event invitations to Councillors, to ensure they are not missed.

Mayor Rowena Abbey

Councillor Abbey moved to Yass Valley over 24 years ago, after an extensive
corporate career in the world of banking, finance, risk management and
corporate governance. Rowena believes Yass Valley benefits from “the best
of both worlds”, with our unique location close to major cities, but also our
country charm and rural way of life. Seeing a long-term, strong strategic plan
for Yass Valley is Rowena’s number one goal, one that boost opportunities for
local business, while maintaining our rural lifestyle.

Contact Details:
0427 830 910

Deputy Mayor Kim Turner

Councillor Turner has called Yass Valley home for 51 years and believes that
the spectacular countryside, friendly community and convenient location is what
makes our area so special. Through Kim’s position as the Manager for the Yass
Rural Lands Protection Board for 24 years and his involvement with Rotary, he
has had the opportunity to meet and work with a large variety of Yass Valley
residents. Now in his second term of Council, Kim aims to have Yass Valley
properly recognised as a caring, welcoming community and a destination of
international significance at the crossroads of NSW.

Contact Details:
0407 489 570

Councillor Cecil Burgess OAM

Councillor Burgess was born and bred in Yass Valley, spending his time in the
villages of Bowning and Gundaroo. As a grazier and farming contractor Cecil
knows, and has worked with, many people over his lifetime and he believes
that Yass Valley’s location provides residents with amazing opportunities, all
located on their door stop. Entering his 6th term of Council Cecil will continue
to stand up for better rural roads and most importantly fixing our ageing
timber bridges, to ensure regional residents have safe and adequate access
to their properties.    

Contact Details:
0429 930 628

Councillor Geoff Frost

Councillor Frost has called Yass Valley home his entire life and has recently
retired from leading the regional research economics team at the Bureau of
Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics. Geoff loves the Yass
Valley’s country side, its history and its potential as a great place to live, work
and play. As he enters his third term of Council, Geoff will continue to work
closely with local groups and will seek opportunities to engage Council and
the wider community in more open, public discussions before decisions are

Contact Details:
0403 521 079

Councillor Nathan Furry

Believed to be Yass Valley’s youngest ever Councillor, Nathan Furry has
lived in Yass Valley for over 12 years. As a Federal Public Servant, Councillor
Furry has an in depth knowledge into the mechanics of government.
Councillor Furry believes that Yass Valley is a diverse region that offers so
much across every town and village. It is what has helped him believe that this
is where he will be for many years to come. In his term as a Councillor Nathan
hopes to see more rural roads sealed, the duplication of the Barton Highway
and to continue to advocate for small business. 

Contact Details:
0497 829 632

Councillor Allison Harker

Councillor Harker is in her first term of Council but is not new to Yass Valley,
with her family having ties to the area for generations. Allison spent 10 years
working in the UK and Asia as a Director in the investment banking industry,
before returning to her home town with her husband to raise her two children.
Allison currently runs a mixed farming enterprise with her family, is a Board
Director and Yass Valley Councillor.

Allison loves the community spirit that encompasses Yass Valley. It's a
community that is willing to reach out and lend a hand to neighbours, friends,
new residents and at community events. Allison is passionate about developing
a friendly process for people wanting to start or expand their business in Yass

Contact Details:
0402 636 735

Councillor Jasmin Jones

Originally from the Hunter Valley, Councillor Jones is proud to call Yass
Valley home. Before becoming a busy mother of five Jasmin was a journalist
for National Nine News and is currently undertaking audio production. Moving
into her second term on Council Jasmin is keen to do more to enhance Yass
Valley’s heritage, both built form and natural. With a focus on infrastructure
which supports and keeps Yass Valley youth safe, healthy and engaged.
Councillor Jones aims to provide excellent representation for the diverse and
wonderful communities of Yass Valley and to continue to protect and enhance
our way of life.

Contact Details:
0400 486 616

Councillor Michael McManus

Born and raised in Yass Valley, Councillor McManus has followed in his father’s
footsteps and will entry his 6th term of Council this year. Michael has worked for
TransGrid, originally the Electricity Commission of NSW, for 36 years as a Project
Coordinator. It is the people of Yass Valley that Michael believes is what makes
our region such a wonderful place to live. Continuous improvement to community
infrastructure and facilities is and has always been one of Michael’s main goals as
a Councillor.

Contact Details:
0419 474 649

Councillor Mike Reid

Councillor Reid has lived in Murrumbateman for 35 years and originally moved to
the area to enjoy the rural aspects and tranquil environment, while having the
convenience of Canberra on the doorstop. Councillor Reid has been “retired” for
15 years, after a varied career in computer operations, software sales, consultancy
and teaching. 

This will be Councillor Reid’s first involvement in Local Government and he looks
forward to improving youth employment and recreational infrastructure in Murrumbateman,
for the betterment of the entire Yass Valley.


Contact Details:
0412 078 475