About Yass Valley Council

The Yass Valley Council's role is to uphold democratic government and to provide leadership, through the election of nine Councillors. 

Council meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 4:00pm. The public and the press are welcome to attend these meetings as per the meeting calendar. At 4:00pm at each Council Meeting an Open Forum is held when the public is given an opportunity to address Council. Anyone wishing to address Council on agenda items should put their request in writing to the General Manager prior to the meeting.

Agenda papers and Minutes of these meetings are available online or at the Council Office. Council is also supported by a number of Committees, that include some community representation.

Day to day operations are managed by the General Manager and three Directors.

Council's Vision Statement

Yass Valley Council in consultation with the community, has developed Yass Valley 2030, the Community Strategic Plan which sets the direction of Yass Valley and guides Council for the next 20 years.