Emergency Management



The economic and social effects of emergencies including loss of life, destruction of property, and dislocation of communities is a serious issue. Hazards exist within all communities whether they are recognised or not and coping with hazards gives us reason and focus for planning.

Yass Valley Council's Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) addresses the prevention of, response to and recovery from emergencies in Yass Valley.

It is important to note that Council is not involved in responding to any emergency directly - its main role is to ensure that response and recovery processes are managed in the most effective way when requested to do so. This means that the emergency service agencies deal with whatever situation arises and council helps out by providing or obtaining resources so that the agencies can focus on the incident. The LEMC is only activated in the event of a large scale emergency, at the direction of the District Emergency Management Officer.

The LEMC is the venue from which members coordinate the provision of human and material resources within Yass Valley during emergencies. It will maintain an overall view of the operational activities within the Plans area of responsibility for recreation planning and debrief purposes. The LEMC may also become operational during support operations with neighbouring municipalities.

The LEMC has developed a Yass Valley Disaster Management Plan that identifies potential risks to communities and examines how these risks may be reduced or eliminated. The LEMC plans to expand this plan to incorporate a greater focus on disaster mitigation planning in the near future.

It is important to realise that in any major incident the emergency service agencies involved will direct members of the public in what to do and where to do. In the event is scaled upwards then LEMC may be called on for assistance.

For more information on Emergency Management within Yass Valley please contact Council's General Manager on 62261477 or Council's Community Development Manager, Cathy Campbell on 62269285.

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