Have your say on Council’s Draft IP&R Documents

Published on 12 May 2023


It’s important for residents to understand and play a part in Yass Valley Council’s Draft Integrated Planning and Reporting Documents, which include the proposed budget, rates, fees and charges, projects and programs for the 2023/24 period.

The draft 2023/24 Operational Plan and Long Term Financial Plan are forecasting an Operating Result from Continuing Operations of $1.4M. Some of the items forecasted include:

  • Capital and Operational Projects totally $36.9M, including $540K for gravel resheeting
  • Rate peg set by IPART of 4.2%
  • $250K increase toward Work Health & Safety improvement program
  • 7% CPI for most items, except where statutory regulated
  • Employee wage increase of 4.5%, in line with current proposed LG Award negotiations
  • 14 new full time equivalent positions
  • 38 Section 356 Financial Assistance Community Grants to the value of $90,950

The following documents are on public exhibition between now and 5:00 pm on Friday 9 June:

The community can have its say on these documents by providing written feedback or attending one of our community information sessions. During these sessions, Council’s Executive Management Team and Councillors will provide an overview of the draft suite of documents.

“We are encouraging the community to read through these documents or attend an information session,” said Yass Valley Council Mayor Allan McGrath. “Your engagement, feedback, and suggestions are extremely important as these documents are ultimately shaped by the community.”

Find a document

The Draft Integrated Planning and Reporting Documents are available to view on Council’s website under ‘Public Consultation.’
Hard copies of these documents are available at Yass Valley Library and Council’s Administration Office. Please call or email before visiting to ensure the documents are available:

To provide a written submission, you can:

Find your local community engagement session

Find out more about these documents from Council’s Executive Management Team at the following sessions:

  • 15 May 2023 – 6.00pm – Wee Jasper Community Meeting
  • 17 May 2023 – 7.00pm - Bowning Community Meeting
  • 1 June 2023 – 6.00pm – Council Chambers (via Teams and in person)
  • 2 June 2023 – 7.45am – Yass Valley Business Chamber Breakfast Meeting
  • 5 June 2023 – 6.00pm – Binalong Progress Association Meeting





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