Yass Valley Community Surveys

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Improving pedestrian safety in Comur Street

With 3 major pedestrian incidents, including a tragic fatality, occurring on Comur Street in the last couple of years Council is working alongside the Yass Valley Business Chamber to improve safety in the main street of Yass.
Council, in consultation with the Business Chamber, have developed a concept plan for three additional mid-block pedestrian refuges, however with their installation also comes the loss of approximately 7 car spaces at each location. Community feedback will enable Council to identify community and business preferences and further develop plans to improve the ability of pedestrians to cross Comur Street.
The survey is available online (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DR32GF7) and in hard copy. Please contact Council for a hard copy to be sent to you. Submissions need to be made in writing (PO Box 6 YASS NSW 2582 or Council@yass.nsw.gov.au) The survey needs to be completed and written submissions received by 5.00pm Friday 25th August 2017.

Customer Service - improving your experience with Council

Yass Valley Council has made a commitment to focus on and improve our customer service, right across the organisation. We are here to work together FOR our community and WITH our community.

We want direct feedback on your experience with our Customer Service team. Jump online to take our very quick survey - www.surveymonkey.com/r/PTBC9L6. If you require a hard copy of the survey please call 6226 1477 for a hard copy to be sent to you.