Yass Valley 2036

All Councils in NSW are required to implement the State Government's Integrated Planning and Reporting ("IPR") framework. This framework aims to draw our various plans together, to assist in understanding how they interact and to get maximum leverage from our efforts by planning holistically for the future. The framework has a number of key elements.
  • Yass Valley Council, in conjunction with Goulburn Mulwaree and Upper Lachlan councils, prepared a Regional Community Strategic Plan which was adopted on 22 February 2017. The regional approach was taken to give greater power to our lobbying of State and Federal Governments for better outcomes for our communities while maintaining our individual identities. Our adopted Regional Community Strategic Plan ("CSP"), outlines the long term aspirations of the community for at least the next 20 years.

  • Once the CSP is developed it is important to determine the resources - time, money, assets and people - that will be required to actually achieve its goals. This is achieved through the development of a Resourcing Strategy (Attachment 1)  (Attachment 2) consisting of a Asset Management Strategy and Plans, Workforce Management Plan and Long Term Financial Plan.
  • Council then prepares a Delivery Program in relation to its responsibilities for its 4 year term of office, allocating priorities for dealing with the various objectives and strategies identified in the CSP and determining appropriate measures to gauge success in delivering the Program. 
  • A detailed Operational Plan for each year of the Delivery Program. This plan is a sub-plan of the Delivery Program and records the planned activity and expenditure for each year.
  • An Annual Report which provides our community with a detailed account of what we have achieved each year and the progress made towards the implementation of the Delivery Program and Community Strategic Plan.
  • The End of Term Report provides comments in respect of progress Council has made through its Delivery Program and Operational Plans between 2012 and 2016 against the agreed strategies presented in Yass Valley 2030.