The NSW Department of Planning & Environment has designed a number of online planning tools to improve access to planning information and assist in planning and development decisions.

You can search for information specific to your property: https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/find-property-or-council-area

Electronic Housing Code

The Electronic Housing Code (EHC) is an online system where you can investigate, prepare, lodge and track your complying development application online. You are also able to investigate projects that require no further planning approvals (exempt development).



The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) aims to deliver equitable, effective water and greenhouse gas reductions across the state.

An integrated part of the planning system, BASIX is implemented under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. The submission of a BASIX Certificate is required for all residential dwelling types and is part of the development application process in NSW.

More information on BASIX