Planning and Development 

Yass Valley Council is divided into two main sections of Planning and Development Services and Strategic and Environmental Planning.

Planning and Development Services

Planning and Development Services ensure that all development within the Yass Valley enhances the quality of living, natural, working and recreational environments; satisfies the principles of ecologically sustainable development and complies with current legislation.

Strategic and Environmental Planning

Strategic and Environmental Planning ensure that growth and new development adds to the quality of life of Yass Valley's residents and satisfies the principles of ecologically sustainable development. It also provides a framework for the management and protection of Yass Valley's natural and other resources and assets.

Planning Controls

Yass Valley Council has a new LEP Yass Valley LEP 2013 which came into effect on 19 July 2013. 

The DCP's which applied to the former Yass, Yarrowlumla and Gunning LGA's continue to apply to those areas for 6 months from 19 July 2013 with the exception of provisions which are inconsistent with the Yass Valley LEP 2013. 

Council also has a number of policies which apply to the development applications.