Friendship City to be established with Wuzhou, China

With a population of 3.5 million people, Wuzhou is considered a small city by Chinese standards, but with a proud history of agriculture, it was the perfect fit to establish a “Friendship-City” partnership with Yass, for the benefit of the entire Yass Valley. 

“Yass Valley has tremendous opportunities on our doorstep with international flights coming into Canberra, opportunities to increase tourism, trade and also promote our innovative agricultural practices to the world,” said Yass Valley Mayor Rowena Abbey. “We have always been open to the idea of setting up a Friendship-City or Sister-City arrangement and welcome the invitation received from the city of Wuzhou.” 

Wuzhou is located approximately 400km south east of Hong Kong in eastern Guangxi, bordering the Guangdong province, with a total area of 12,588km2. It is the intersection of three economic circles, which is the Pearl River Delta economic circle, the Bei Bu Bay economic circle and the Xi Jiang economic belt. It is one of the 28 major inland port cities in China.

“Establishing the friendship relationship with Wuzhou would be the first step for any promotion of trade or tourism in China for the Yass Valley,” said Sean Haylan, Council’s Tourism & Economic Development Manager. “Once established, Yass Valley would become a potential location for the citizens of Wuzhou to start visiting for tourism and trade, which would clearly provide opportunities for our growing wine and agricultural industries.”

An official signing ceremony will be held with the Mayor of Wuzhou in the coming months when Council and the community welcomes the Wuzhou Government to Yass Valley to formalise the agreement.