Help Council improve pedestrian safety in Comur Street

With 3 major pedestrian incidents, including a tragic fatality, occurring on Comur Street in the last couple of years Council is working alongside the Yass Valley Business Chamber to improve safety in the main street of Yass.
“Our main street is becoming busier, which is great for our local economy but it presents a different issue for pedestrians trying to cross the street,” said Yass Valley Deputy Mayor, Kim Turner. “With our central business district now stretching over 3 blocks, pedestrians are risking their safety not using the designated crossings.”
Council, in consultation with the Business Chamber, have developed a concept plan for three additional mid-block pedestrian refuges, however with their installation also comes the loss of approximately 7 car spaces at each location.
“Parking on Comur Street is a premium, especially at busy times of the day, and while pedestrian safety is paramount, we don’t want the solution to negatively affect our businesses either,” said Yass Valley Business Chamber President, Michael Pilbrow. “We all need to work together to come up with a solution that is the best for the entire community.”
Council is seeking feedback from the wider community through submissions and a survey:
  • Would you like to see pedestrian safety in Comur Street improved?
  • Are pedestrian refuges suitable or would other alternatives be more suited?
  • Which location along Comur Street is of highest priority for improvement?
  • Do you think the loss of car parking spaces warranted to improve pedestrian safety?
The concept plan identifies 3 mid-block locations where pedestrian refuges may be installed - between Rossi Street and Meehan Street, between Meehan Street and Lead Street and between Lead Street and Polding Street. A pedestrian refuge provides the ability for a pedestrian to cross to the middle of the road and if necessary, wait for traffic in the refuge area before crossing to the other side.

Concept Plans

Comur Street pedestrian safety concept plans

Making a written submission or completing the survey

Community feedback will enable Council to identify community and business preferences and further develop plans to improve the ability of pedestrians to cross Comur Street.


Thank you, the survey is now closed.