Weed and Pest Animal Management

Control of Priority Weeds

Noxious weeds within the Yass Valley Local Government Area have the potential to pose a serious threat to our natural environment, farming productivity and the health of the community.
Land owners or occupiers of land are required under the Biosecurity Act 2015 to carry out their General Biosecurity Duty (GBD) by control any Priority Weeds which may be present on their property. The list of Priority Weeds and the actions required to comply with the GBD can be found in the South East Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan. Yass Valley Council has contracted Hilltops Council to ensure control of all Priority Weeds is carried out on private lands, public roads and Council land in the Yass Valley Local Government Area.
The activities which Hilltops Council Weed Officers carry out on behalf of Yass Valley Council include:
  • conducting inspections and ensuring landholder compliance with weed control obligations,
  • controlling weeds on lands owned, occupied or managed by Yass Valley Council,
  • developing weed strategy and policy, and
  • providing education, training and resources for both the public and for staff.  
Until June 2017, weed control in the Yass Valley was carried out by the Southern Slopes Noxious Plants Authority (SSNPA). This arrangement ceased due to local government amalgamations.
Priority weeds enquiries or complaints can be directed to Jason Corcoran from Hilltops Council on (02) 6385 3189 or jason.corcoran@hilltops.nsw.gov.au


Control of Pest Animals

Landholders have a responsibility to continually suppress and destroy populations of declared pest animals on their land. This includes rabbits, wild dogs, feral pigs, foxes, and three species of locusts. For more information on declared pest animals, visit the Department of Primary Industries website.
South East Local Land Services can offer help and advice with controlling pest animals. The LLS office in Yass is at 13 Mitchell St, and can be contacted on 02 6118 7700.


Indian Myna Control

Yass Valley is developing a network of volunteer coordinators for Yass and villages to control the infestation of Indian Myna birds.  To participant in the volunteer program or to find out more about Indian Myna birds, contact Council’s Senior Environmental Health Officer on (02) 6226 1477.
Learn more about the myna birds by accessing websites below:


European Wasps

If you encounter European Wasps on private land please contact:

  • Department of Primary Industries – Insect Line 1800 675 821
  • European Hotline ACT – 6162 1914
  • A private pest exerminator

If you encounter European Wasps on Council land please contact Council by calling 6226 1477 or emailing Council@yass.nsw.gov.au