Mayor and Councillors

The Yass Valley Council consists of nine elected members. These members are elected for a four year term. The Mayor is elected every two years by the Council.

Council meets under the Chairmanship of the Mayor and Senior Staff led by the General Manager and his Directors. Regular meetings of Council and Committee meetings involving Councillors, Staff and often members of the community provide guidance to Councillors in the carrying out of their responsibilities so that Council reflects the will of the people of Yass Valley.

Event Invitations:

Please ensure you email when sending event invitations to Councillors, to ensure they are not missed.

Mayor Rowena Abbey
0427 830 910
Deputy Mayor Kim Turner
0407 489 570
Councillor Cecil Burgess
0429 930 628
Councillor Geoff Frost
0403 521 079
Councillor Nathan Furry
0497 829 632
Councillor Allison Harker
0402 636 735
Councillor Jasmin Jones
0400 486 616
Councillor Michael McManus
0419 474 649
Councillor Mike Reid
0412 078 475