2016-17 Rate Structure & Charges

2016/2017 General Rates

Category Sub-Category Ad Valorem Min. Charge Base Charge
Farmland   0.0025627   $517.00
Residential Non Urban 0.0021347   $344.50
Residential Yass 0.0036693 $534.90  
Residential Binalong 0.0031467 $521.90  
Residential Bowning 0.0031467 $521.90  
Residential Wee Jasper 0.0031467 $521.90  
Residential Bookham 0.0031467 $521.90  
Residential Murrumbateman 0.0025539 $534.90  
Residential Gundaroo 0.0012179   $282.50
Residential Sutton 0.0020705   $282.50
Business Sutton & Gundaroo 0.0018148   $344.50
Business Yass & Other villages 0.0095791 $534.90  

2016/2017 Charges

Sewerage (Residential) $640
Sewerage (Business) $640 min*
*Determined by Water Usage
Garbage $352
Unoccupied Garbage $30
Waste Management Charge $92
Stormwater Charge $25
On Site Sewage Management $30
Water (20mm-32mm) $460
Water (Murrumbateman Only) $345
Water (Churches) $230
Water (40mm) $719
Water (50mm) $1,123
Water (80mm) $2,875
Water (100mm) $4,492
Water (150mm) $10,107

New fee structure for On Site Sewage Management Systems 

(septic tanks, aerated waste treatment system, composting toilets etc)

The Approval to Operate an on-site sewage management system (OSSMS) fee structure has been changed to reflect a less complicated system (for residents) and more efficient system (for staff). The previous system relied on residents booking an inspection with Council, which cost $185. 

The "Approval to Operate" fee has been reduced from $55 to $30, with the charge becoming an annual fee for all properties that have an OSSMS. Inspections of the over 4,000 OSSM systems across Yass Valley will be built into this new fee structure with property owners only charged an inspection fee ($155) if a Notice or Order needs to be issued for poorly maintained or polluting systems. 

This fee is applicable regardless of the arrangements you have in place with any maintenance contractor for your system. The fee paid to Council is for the licence to operate, while the fee paid to your contractor is for the maintenance of your system. Your maintenance contractor cannot give you an approval to operate as this is a regulatory function of Council under the Local Government Act 1993. There is no provision under s68 Local Government Act 1993 to delegate the approval to operate to an external organisation or person to self-certify their work.

For all enquiries about OSSM systems, contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 6226 1477.

Pensioner Concession Fact Sheet